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Hi people,

I'm a passionate developer, I mainly work on Javascript technology including Typescript. My experiences were mainly on NodeJs and Angular. Always up to give best practices in work, like using Scrum methodology or tools to improve code quality.

As a developer but also a motorcycle fan ! Often at the fitness club and always ready for sports activities! I like to participate to meetup events in Toulouse, the city where I code. From Vendée in France, I worked for small and big companies. Moreover, I can easily interact with your employees and environment.

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Personal projects

Septembre 2014

Septembre 2015

Septembre 2017

Mars 2018

IT Support and developer for 2 years


Working for the A350 program, in Ground Test Department, in a team of 3 people, I was in charge to make a state of the art of current solutions used. My main purpose was to homogenize the infrastructure and the technology used, and recreate new version of solutions.

Technologies used :

  • C# with Entity framework for Http Rest backend
  • Javascript with AngularJS for the frontend
  • JSLint, Git
  • SQL Server

Airbus website

My personal projects

I personally develop some tools to daily help me. One is a mattermost (open source slack alternative) integration, which read spotify and deezer link and convert them in which others. Here

Technologies used :

  • Javascript with Typescript
  • Docker (registry, compose, swarm), Gitlab CI, Jenkins
  • TSLint, pre-commit hook,ApiDoc, RabbitMq, ELK
  • Mongo DB

Web developer for 1 year


I was in the production department of the Orange France part. I worked in a little team of 5 people, our goal was to develop additional part of an open source software. The software has in charge to centralize logs of all applications used by Orange.

Technologies used :

  • Java with Maven
  • Scala through Play framework
  • Git, RabbitMq, Elasticsearch
  • Mongo DB

Orange website
IT consultant under Axileo for 6 months


At Spherea, I worked in the IT department on a supervising solution for aircraft test bench, we were 3 people in the team. I developed continuous integration on Gitlab CI, micro service app, script to automate the full deployment by an ISO.

Technologies used :

  • Javascript with Nodejs, Typescript
  • Typescript with Angular
  • Docker, Gitlab CI, RabbitMq
  • Mongo DB

Spherea website
Web developer for 6 months


I worked on an deep learning witch analyse micro-communication by DNS Logs. I was on the front end part. We were a team of 5 people working with the scrum methodology.

Technologies used :

  • Javascript with D3.Js
  • Javascript with Angular
  • Docker, Kafka, Logstash
  • Mongo DB
Itrust website